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Be Your Own Web Developer

We believe that you don’t have to be a well-versed web developer in order to make your website stunning.

PBS changes the game for the non-tech-savvy user, allowing people to build webpages with zero coding experience.

Easily create, customize, and tweak layouts and designs in no time. With our revolutionary click and type, drag and drop interface, we’ve turned web page creation into a word processor-like experience.

Now all you’ll need is PBS and your imagination

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Other page builders

Most page builders take forever to let you create your awesome website.

With Page Builder Sandwich, all you need to do is to  click, drag, and start typing.

Win the Fight Against Unnecessary Cost & Hassle

Page Builder Sandwich lets you save hundreds of dollars in designer and development fees.

Use our professionally prepared landing page templates, small pre-designed sections, and more to create your own kick-ass website. And because Sandwich allows you to tweak its elements, you can customize these templates and sections, too.

Personalize them to your suit your needs and showcase your stuff on your web page, hassle-free.

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Keep Your Flow and Stay in the Zone

Pop-ups can be the worst enemy of the common page builder.
Your Page Builder Sandwich experience doesn’t have to subject itself to the same fate.
PBS makes sure your page building journey is as enjoyable as it is easy.

With less pop-ups, you can concentrate on tweaking and designing with nothing else holding you back.

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Use Your Own Plugins

Page Builder Sandwich has a unique feature called Shortcode Mapping.

This lets you omit the extra effort made in manually typing shortcodes. Since we map these for you, all you have to do is simply pick from our list of thousands of shortcodes that we have available. What does this mean?

Faster page-building time, that’s what.

many more!

Get Top-Notch Customer Support

We’re always happy to help. We provide excellent one-on-one email support, and give you documentation for usage tips.
We also offer help on advanced features and troubleshooting!

Design in Less Time

Our drag and drop front end capabilities, pre-designed sections, and professionally-built landing pages let you build your page the faster way

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Real Testimonials From Real People

“I’m a little obsessed with helping my clients EASILY create great looking content, without making the “endless-shortcode sacrifices” that a lot of page builders dump onto users. So I tend to test every page builder that comes along. Through all my testing, Page Builder Sandwich still ranks tops for an easy, beautiful front-end editing tool that doesn’t leave behind an ugly mess, and it doesn’t leave users locked-in.



WordPress Specialist / Novelist

“The Page Builder Sandwich plugin is the best plugin I’ve seen for creating quick and beautiful page layouts. The shortcode editing tool is particularly useful and saves the time and hassle of having to copy and paste shortcode options from the documentation for different plugin. Instead, it provides an easy to use interface for editing shortcodes right on your page for all the major plugins. Awesome!”


Founder at Smash Balloon

“I’ve used a number of popular page builders in the past, but Page Builder Sandwich really stands out for me. It’s intuitive interface and seamless editing experience means content updates and advanced layouts are quick and easy to achieve. The two cherries on top of the cake: there are regular updates to the software and the support is fantastic.”


Head Developer at Gravity PDF

“After a few minutes of testing PBS I realized I had found what I was looking for. Without hesitation I purchased a license and since then I build all my sites  through it. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick builder, comfortable, practical, unique and easy to understand. As a web designer and a developer, I can reach levels of pixel perfect accuracy using PBS. Recommended!


Art Director at Web Media Group

Nitty Gritty Details

Front-end Editing

Edit your web pages as your visitors see them

Type to Edit

Click and type directly on your content to edit your text

Word Web Processor

Unique word processor-like experience unlike any other

Shortcode Mapping

600+ shortcodes from 600+ plugins mapped in the system

Google Map

Easily add a Google Map and add your location to geolocate it

No Hijacking

You can still use the backend editor while keeping your PBS-made site intact

Less Shortcodes

PBS won’t clutter your content with tons of shortcodes

Ctrl+Z Undo

Made a mistake? Hit the undo button to go back, or use common shortcut keys

Vector Icons

Add icons that look crisp, in high resolution

Use Your Widgets

Add your widgets into your content by simply selecting them

Embed Media

Just paste in URLs to YouTube, Vimeo and lots more to embed them

Responsive Mode

View your site in desktop, tablet or mobile phone and perform edits

And a whole lot more features.

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