About Us

About Us

The people behind the product

Page Builder Sandwich is owned by a professional team. That have the enjoyment and satisfaction of their customers deep at heart. Being a family business, we understand the core values of what customers expect.

This is no different with our WordPress Page Builder. We provide a top spec page builder at affordable prices. Making it accessible to everyone!

And if you have any problems. You can get directly in contact with the company CEO (Neil James). He likes to deal directly with all customers, no matter how big or small they are. To us everyone is as important as the next and we treat you with the help and respect you deserve!

Page Builder Sandwich is an ongoing project. That is here to make an SEO and user friendly page builder. That is non-intrusive and doesn’t break your website!

Core Team

Meet Our Founders

Neil James - CEO
CEO & Founder Neil James
Natalie Ruth
Office Manager Natalie Ruth

The Page Builder You Can Trust!

Page builder Sandwich is most certainly a plugin that you can trust in. We say this because, our customers know they can trust in us. There are always situations with WordPress Plugins where things do not work as planned. Conflicts caused by other plugins and templates etc. Anyone that says otherwise most certainly doesn’t speak the truth!

The difference is, we fix then for you as fast as we possibly can! We understand the stress of a website that doesn’t work as you desire. And this is why we are always on hand via multichannel support to assist you, should the situation ever arise. This is why you can trust in us! Because we genuinely are here to help you!