How We Increased Our Plugin’s Performance by 200%

Last February 2, 2017, Ann Taylor wrote the article 12 Things We Need to See From WordPress Page Builders in 2017 + Who Already Gets It Right in CodeInWP. We’ve been continuously improving Page Builder Sandwich for more than a year now: we do our research, listen to our customers, so we thought Page Builder Sandwich was gonna make it to CodeInWP’s “Who Got it Right” article. We didn’t, though, because of performance.  So we asked Ann about it, and she replied: …I played around with a free version a bit. It shows a lot of promise: lots of modules, pretty Continue reading →

Version 3.0: Rethinking How a Page Builder Should Work

It’s been 10 months since we’ve unleashed Page Builder Sandwich to the public. We now have around 6,000 active installs, and that’s quite an achievement for us. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback because of it as well, both good and bad. The consensus however, is that people enjoy how easy it is to build layouts and create their content compared to the other page builders out there. A large amount of the feedback we got were feature requests, and we’ve added in a lot of those features the past few months. But as we kept doing so, we were Continue reading →

A Tour of Page Builder Sandwich Version 3

We’ve changed a lot things in Page Builder Sandwich version 3. If you’ve been using Page Builder Sandwich for quite some time, you’ll notice that the changes are quite drastic. There is a big difference between the version 1, version 2, and the current version. In the previous versions, everything was located in the inspector on the side. We’ve since gone through and split its components into different, more logical partitions. We have listed reasons for this upgrade in the previous blog post. Current users may find the changes cumbersome at first. Give it a few minutes of trials, and Continue reading →

Where Things Get a Little Technical: How We Made Our Version of Shortcode Mapping Happen

On the previous article, we’ve discussed the basics of shortcode mapping and how you can get access to its sweet benefits. We’ve decided to split the article featuring the Page Builder Sandwich version of Shortcode Mapping, as the following write-up may get a little more technical. Below are more in-depth descriptions of the inner workings of our shortcode mapping feature, and how we got it to work. An Automated Process In order to decide which plugins to include in the shortcode mapper, we built an automated script that will gather the top plugins in the WordPress plugin directory based on the following Continue reading →

Shortcode Mapping: How PBS Will Support 800+ Plugins & 2,000+ Shortcodes

When I started getting further into software development and WordPress, I noticed that not a lot of page builders I come across with have that “page builder standard” I was looking for: fast, easy, convenient. Page Builder Sandwich, then, was created with the goal of having a builder meet these same standards. I wanted- and still want it– to be the best page builder out there, and the best way I could accomplish that, I figured, was to add in features in a way in which page building becomes helpful and accessible to everyone –developers and noobs alike. I’d like Continue reading →

The Unspoken Problem of Shortcodes

Shortcodes are one of the pinnacles of wordpress. Shortcodes are the bridge between developers and site creators, allowing people to place elaborate pieces of content almost anywhere they wish. Plugin creators love shortcodes since this allows more flexibility in the way how and where their users display their content. If you don’t know what shortcodes are and what they look like, they’re those archaic code-like text wrapped in square brackets. They look something like this: This specific one is called the embed shortcode and is built-in by default in WordPress. This specific one embeds the video from the URL into Continue reading →

Adding Stylish Maps to Your Page Is an Interactive Experience

You can now place maps in your page designs using Page Builder Sandwich! It’s a weird thing to be excited about maps. You grab the Google Map URL then embed it. Or maybe grab a map plugin online and put in a shortcode. Or maybe your other page builder already has one and you can add one any time you want. But the reason why we’re excited is that we have brought adding maps to a whole new level. Here’s a preview: The Old Boring Way of Adding A Map Here’s how you add a map with your typical page Continue reading →

Easily Add Email Newsletter Signup Forms

Adding an email newsletter sign up form to your site is a great way to grow your website’s following and to keep your website visitors interested in your site or product. And now you can easily add and customize newsletter sign up forms directly in your designs. New in Page Builder Sandwich is the Newsletter Element (check the short gif above). Now you can add a newsletter sign up form for your MailChimp, AWeber or MailPoet newsletter lists directly into your designs. Normally, you’d have to install another plugin, then maybe add a shortcode somewhere, or you’ll have to go through a Continue reading →

How to Create a Website from Scratch for Under $100

If you want create a website from scratch, but you only have a short budget and absolutely zero technical knowhow, then this short guide is for you. This article is meant for absolute beginners who just really want to create a website without all the technicalities and complications. So if you’re a startup business owner who just wants a website for his office to show off to clients, or a foodie who wants to write your restaurant reviews online, or you’re a do-it-yourself guy or gal who just needs a site, then keep reading! I will stray away from as much technical jargon to keep Continue reading →

What to Put on the Top Part of Your Front Page – Tips For “Above the Fold” Content

What you put in the top of your front page has a huge impact on the success or failure of your website. Put the wrong thing in, and you’ll probably see your visitors quickly navigating away from your site. Put the right content there and you may see your sales go up. This article isn’t an all-in-one guide for creating above the fold content, nor is about an all-encompassing rule on what you should put in. Rather, I will give you a few tips, recommendations and a little bit of helpful research about this topic. Before diving straight in, it’s good to Continue reading →