How to Add the Parallax Effect, Video Background, and Ken Burns Effect

Page Builder Sandwich has a feature that we collectively like to call Fancy Background Effects. There are three of them: the Parallax Effect, Video Backgrounds, and the Ken Burns Effect.

PBS’ Fancy Background Effects give your website the boost that it needs to attract site viewers. They’re a surefire way to grab attention, and when executed correctly, can yield eye-catching results in website traffic.

10 Ways Your Site Can Excel in Lead Generation & How PBS Can Help You Do It

Page Builder Sandwich helps you, well… build websites. Keeping your audience reeled into your page (and successfully generating leads) is a different story altogether, though. Don’t get us wrong. Lots of sites can achieve this without a worry, but that’s usually because they spend a significant amount of time and research doing just that. In contrast, some sites admittedly have a little trouble pulling it off, and more often than not, some of them don’t know where to begin. But don’t worry – Page Builder Sandwich will try to lend you a hand with that very same thing. Why is Continue reading →

Social Media Strategy: Its Important Role in Site Building

A few decades ago, scientists and professionals kept racking their brains out trying to find a better alternative to snail-mail. We had beepers for a while, as well as those too-large cellphones we couldn’t keep in our pockets. But while nostalgic at best, technology from the past is most definitely no match to the communication methods of the 21st century. Now, in the year 2016, our friends, family, and colleagues, can be contacted in a little more than a second. As the cliche goes: “Everything’s literally at the touch of our fingertips”. Literally. Slowly veering away from tradition? It’s hard to Continue reading →

Shortcode Mapper Plugin Feature: The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

Plugins of the same category, but with respective features, are developed and enhanced every day. This gave birth to the variety of WordPress-powered websites – and later on, websites catering to several functions. For instance, there is a number of plugins which enables a developer and/or user to create, schedule, invite an interested person to an event. The Events Calendar is the events calendar you’ll need There are a lot of available events calendar in the WordPress market. So how do you choose? There are recommendation blogs, plugin face-off blogs, and of course testimonials from different users. All of these Continue reading →

Pages and Plugins: Maximizing Your WordPress Experience

Some of WordPress’ features (especially the more complex ones) may take newer users some time to be familiar with. And if you are one of these newer users, WordPress’ intricate jargon might have the tendency to send you towards a spiral of intimidation, especially when getting that near-inevitable feel of information overload. Yikes. Now, if you’re a part of this particular percentage of WordPress users, we implore you not to fret; the good news is that it is but a misconception that being a WordPress noob automatically equates to a limited WordPress experience. This brand of thinking is a common Continue reading →