Page Builder Sandwich Lite Is Now Available In The WordPress Plugin Repo

Now you can download the Lite version of Page Builder Sandwich from the plugin repository! The lite version is a trimmed down version of the premium plugin, but is still totally usable. Here’s a list of features and tools available in the Lite version: Live frontend editing Direct, click and type editing without the hassles of popups Text formatting tools: colors, bold, italic, underline, horizontal rule, alignments, etc, basically everything you can do in the backend TinyMCE editor. Images and image manipulation using the WordPress Media Manager Link creation using WordPress’ link creator dialog Block elements: headings, blockquotes, bullet Continue reading →

Markdown Now Supported, Plus A Few Cool Formatting Tools

I’m happy to announce that as of version 2.4, you can now edit your content within your frontend using Markdown! Markdown Syntax Support What is markdown? It’s basically like shortcut keys, but instead of pressing a combination of buttons, you type them out and formatting gets applied right away. WordPress recently also just added Markdown support, and now you can also perform those within Page Builder Sandwich. You can add different headings, blockquotes, preformatted text or code, horizontal rules, bullet or numbered lists and links with Markdown. Think of this as an alternative for using your mouse to click the formatting Continue reading →