10 Ways Your Site Can Excel in Lead Generation & How PBS Can Help You Do It

Page Builder Sandwich helps you, well… build websites. Keeping your audience reeled into your page (and successfully generating leads) is a different story altogether, though. Don’t get us wrong. Lots of sites can achieve this without a worry, but that’s usually because they spend a significant amount of time and research doing just that. In contrast, some sites admittedly have a little trouble pulling it off, and more often than not, some of them don’t know where to begin. But don’t worry – Page Builder Sandwich will try to lend you a hand with that very same thing. Why is Continue reading →

How We Increased Our Plugin’s Performance by 200%

Last February 2, 2017, Ann Taylor wrote the article 12 Things We Need to See From WordPress Page Builders in 2017 + Who Already Gets It Right in CodeInWP. We’ve been continuously improving Page Builder Sandwich for more than a year now: we do our research, listen to our customers, so we thought Page Builder Sandwich was gonna make it to CodeInWP’s “Who Got it Right” article. We didn’t, though, because of performance.  So we asked Ann about it, and she replied: …I played around with a free version a bit. It shows a lot of promise: lots of modules, pretty Continue reading →

Version 3.0: Rethinking How a Page Builder Should Work

It’s been 10 months since we’ve unleashed Page Builder Sandwich to the public. We now have around 6,000 active installs, and that’s quite an achievement for us. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback because of it as well, both good and bad. The consensus however, is that people enjoy how easy it is to build layouts and create their content compared to the other page builders out there. A large amount of the feedback we got were feature requests, and we’ve added in a lot of those features the past few months. But as we kept doing so, we were Continue reading →

Shortcode Mapper Plugin Feature: WP Job Manager by Automattic

A month had passed since we’ve released the newest feature of Page Builder Sandwich – the Shortcode Mapper. We’ve integrated more than 100 plugins (144 plugins to be exact) regardless of the number of shortcodes they have. It was a tedious task but we did it! In order to let you know more about it, we’ve started featuring the plugins fully integrated with Page Builder Sandwich. First stop: WP Job Manager by Automattic. WP Job Manager at a glance Basically WP Job Manager serves as the plugin for you to generate money – either you have a client who needs Continue reading →