5 Reasons Why Whitespace Matters

Basically, whitespace, at its most basic definition, is the space around and between all the elements of a composition that is left unmarked. It’s not just a waste of screen space, as most websites owners think. When used well, whitespaces can actually provide benefits to better promote a product. It is an important key to creating good design and it makes a website better in every way. Although the name whitespace implies that the space is white, it doesn’t always have to be literally white. Whitespace can actually be any color—It can even have a subtle pattern or texture. It’s an area that you don’t want the eye to focus on. Alternatively, Continue reading →

The Unspoken Problem of Shortcodes

Shortcodes are one of the pinnacles of wordpress. Shortcodes are the bridge between developers and site creators, allowing people to place elaborate pieces of content almost anywhere they wish. Plugin creators love shortcodes since this allows more flexibility in the way how and where their users display their content. If you don’t know what shortcodes are and what they look like, they’re those archaic code-like text wrapped in square brackets. They look something like this: This specific one is called the embed shortcode and is built-in by default in WordPress. This specific one embeds the video from the URL into Continue reading →