We’ve been getting quite a few inquiries the past week about Pre-Design Sections (and by extension, the PBS Templates), what they are, and how they can be accessed.

So in this article, we’ll be teaching you to not only access them, but also how to maximize these features of Page Builder Sandwich: by customizing them and making them your own.

But before anything else, let’s get the “How to Access” issue out of the way first, for anybody who’s new to Sandwich. 🙂

Accessing the Pre-Designed Sections

To access the Pre-Designed Sections, all you have to do is hover your mouse onto the left side of your screen, and access the Elements Inspector (this is the sidebar that lets you drag and drop elements directly onto your content area).

Say hello to the Elements Inspector!

Once it’s accessed, simply scroll down to the bottom and select Pre-Designed Sections. A library of the sections will pop up; simply select one, drag and drop, and it’ll show up on your content area, like so:

From here, you can move the elements within the section around, or you can move the entire thing and adjust its position. And there you have it! You’ve selected a Pre-Designed Section from Page Builder Sandwich.

Now it’s time to add in your own twiste: by customizing and tweaking with the elements’ settings within the section.

Customizing the Pre-Designed Sections

Each element’s setting within any one Pre-Designed section can be edited and customized according to your website’s needs, or your personal taste.

This means everything included in your selected Pre-Designed section – like text, colors, images, buttons, everything – can be edited and tinkered with by you.

So for instance, if you’re not happy with the default blue-green tint and the wheat field image in the default Pre-Designed section below…

…You can actually adjust it. For instance, if you want a different background color:

Or if you want to replace the image of the wheat field on the right:

Or even change the button style, padding, and header font:

You can.

For comparison:

Default PBS Pre-Designed Section

The same Pre-Designed Section, completely tweaked and customized. Notice the different font, color scheme, button style, photo, and margin width. You can actually take this further and make even more edits than this!

Here are a few more examples on how you can spice up our Pre-Designed Sections

Default Pre-Designed Section from Sandwich

The same Pre-Designed Section, customized

You can do it with our Full-Page Templates, too:

Default Template from Sandwich

The same Template, customized


There’s more to Page Builder Sandwich’s Pre-Designed Sections than you think!

Tweak and customize them to make them completely your own, or even use them as a starting point for when you don’t want to design your page from the ground up.

Design in less time!

Get access to Sandwich’s Pre-Designed Sections, Templates, and a whole lot more.

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