Frontly API: Making Frontly Builder More Developer-Friendly

Great news for developers: in Frontly’s upcoming release, we’ll finally be launching the Frontly API.

It’s currently still in development, but you’ll finally be able to create addons and extensions for Frontly. Of course, we’ll also be launching an API documentation to go along with it for a smoother, more functional experience.

We can’t wait to see all the great stuff you guys are gonna come up with.

Here’s a short list of some of the APIs we have so far:

1. Text Formatting Bar API

With the Text Formatting Bar API, developers can extend the functionality of Frontly’s text formatting bar. With this, you can add new buttons/options on the text formatting bar.

2. Add Element API

This API will let you create new elements, adding them to the list of already-existing ones in the Elements section on the left side of the content editor.

3. Inspector API

The Inspector API will let you create, add, or remove settings on each element’s Properties Inspector.

4. Text API

The Text API will allow you to make modifications to text styles, specifically, the ability to modify text formats, change text background colors, and more.

Developers! It’d be great if you could send over some suggestions

These are just some of the basic APIs we have in store for you. We’re in the middle of creating more, but if you have any other ideas of APIs we can add to our console, just leave a comment below, or hit us up at We might just feature your suggestions in the upcoming Frontly release ?

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