#PBSUpdate: Full Page, Niche-Based Templates

PBS Version 4.0 has been our biggest update yet, and with its release, we’ve included a new game-changing feature, the Full Page, Niche-Based Templates.

The Full Page Templates are a set of 10 professionally designed, niche-based templates. They’re ready to use upon downloading PBS, and can be used as is, or may be tweaked to fit your taste.

Use as a Starting Point for Your Page

The use of templates is one of the most efficient ways to produce webpages. They’re commonly offered as a quick solution to problems regarding site design and layout, offering the user with several (usually different-themed) options to choose from. With the Version 4.0 update, Page Builder Sandwich has finally released a set of their own.

A screenshot of one of our templates, the PBS Farm Template

The Benefits

PBS’ Full Page Templates are tailored to relieve the burden of designing your webpage from scratch. Each template is designed to cater to a specific niche, with each one containing elements that are suited for a particular industry. For example, the Hotel template includes features such as a Google Map, contact form, and sections that are designed to feature your hotel’s amenities. The Fashion template, on the other hand, includes a carousel where you can showcase your latest products with their prices below.

Tweak, Tweak, Tweak

Because the templates are pre-designed, they also ease the page building process by saving both time and resources. But if your chosen template doesn’t include a feature you might want on your page (like if you want a video background hero header for the Industrial Template), there’s no need to worry. You can simply tweak the template’s design to suit your taste and needs by adjust the elements’s properties directly from PBS.

A section of the PBS Farm Template with tweaked colors and different photo that may cater to a different niche

The 10 templates we currently have available (we’ll be releasing more soon!) are themed according to the following common niches and industries:

1. Hotel Template

  • For hotels, spas, or similar business.
  • Includes video background hero header, carousel testimonials, contact form, Google Map, and more.

2. Law/Corporate Template

  • For law firms and other corporate businesses.
  • Includes about us section, carousel testimonials, meet the team section, and more.

3. Fashion Template

  • Use for online clothing stores and other e-commerce sites. Includes featured products carousel, calltoaction buttons, latest blogpost previews, and more.
  • Includes featured products carousel, calltoaction buttons, latest blogpost previews, and more.

4. Farm Template

  • Ideal for subscription ecommerce sites.
  • Includes promo header, calltoaction buttons, subscription plan sections, and more.

5. Restaurant Template

  • Perfect for restaurants and other delivery service businesses.
  • Includes hero header with space for delivery numbers, menu section, business hours section, and more.

6. Concert Template

  • Ideal for concerts and other big events or gatherings.
  • Includes countdown, video background, affiliates section, prices section, subscription button, and more.

7. Forum Template

  • Use for communities, small organizations, and more.Includes call-to-action buttons, about section, count up, meet the team section, and more.
  • Includes call-to-action buttons, about section, count up, meet the team section, and more.

8. Portfolio Template

  • For photography or art portfolios, and more.
  • Includes iconified skillset section, gallery, social media buttons, and more.

9. Industrial Template

  • Use for industrial or manufacturing businesses, and more.
  • Includes hero header with video background, about us/featured product sections, carousel testimonials, and more.

10. Wedding Template

  • Perfect for weddings and other small intimate events.
  • Includes hero header with video background, photo gallery, RSVP section, Google Map, and more.

Some samples of PBS’ Full Page Templates: the Law, Forum, and Hotel Templates

The Future of Full Page Templates

While we have 10 templates available at the moment, we’re currently in the process of making more. We want all common niches and industries covered, of course, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us a line.

Happy Site Building!

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