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Be Your Own Web Developer

We revolutionize the way WordPress websites are made. Until now, an ordinary person would need a professional developer to build a beautiful website. Not anymore.

Now, even YOU can make a website to suit your needs, even without knowing a line of code. With PB Sandwich, you’ll be able to create layouts and designs in no time. All you need is your imagination.

Fun fact: This page was edited by my wife, a lawyer with no coding experience!

Use Familiar Tools to Make Your Site

Following your intuition is key. Add text, columns, colors, pictures, videos and other design elements using buttons and shortcuts that you already know.

Copy, paste, undo, and even select text in no time. If you know how to use a word processor, it’s easy to use PB Sandwich.

Win the Fight Against Unnecessary Cost & Hassle

Not a creative genius? Use our professionally prepared designs, and personalize them to your suit your vision, and your needs.

Say goodbye to spending thousands of dollars in designer and development fees. Now you can showcase your interests or products, hassle-free!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Other page builders make things complicated with lots of things popping up here and there. Not with us!

We make sure your page building experience is as enjoyable as it is easy – Page Builder Sandwich allows you to simply click and start typing. Now you can concentrate on creating your site’s design with nothing else holding you back.

Feature & Benefit Comparison

We know what you’re thinking: “What’s the difference between Page Builder Sandwich and all of the other page builders?” Well.. there’s actually a lot!

Page Builder Sandwich

Other Leading Page Builders

Frontend Editing

Edit your website in front-end, in the way your visitors actually see it.

Pre-Designed Templates

Use pre-built designs as your starting point.

Global Shortcode Mapping

We know the attributes of hundreds of plugins and present them to you complete with descriptions.

Edit & Layout Existing Content

Edit existing content and layout of pages. No need to recreate content.

Freely Design & Style Your Content

Save time by being able to fully customize the design of each individual element.

Hassle-Free & Popup-less Editing

Click on content and start editing right away, without going through popup after popup.

Compatibility with the WP Editor

Be able to use the page builder and still be able to edit using WP’s default editor.

Undo & Undo Shortcut

Easily go back and undo your typing and drag and drop layout changes.

Interactive & Actual Element Editing

Edit carousels by moving through its slides, or type directly inside buttons to edit its label.

Number of Steps to Edit

Estimated number of steps to add a piece of text in the middle of your page.


Click on the area then type


Click on edit to open a popup, click on the text editor and type, then save and close the popup

Number of Steps to Add Backgrounds

Estimated number of steps to add a background image to a section


Click on the section, then click on the background button, select an image.


Click on edit to open a popup, click on the design tab, click on the background button, select an image, save and close the popup

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Essential Features

Here are some unbeatable features that will make your page building experience as enjoyable as possible.

Click & Type

Just click and start typing to add text. No need to understand code. No popups, just edit right away.

Drag & Drop

Control your text, images, layouts, rows and other elements all by drag and drop.


Made a typo? No problemo. You can undo changes through the familiar ctrl+z (or command+z, for macs).

Paste URLs to Embed

Including a video is easy peasy. Just paste in the URL and you’re done. It works with YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram & more.


Enjoy our clean interface without any annoying popups, and your content is kept clean with minimal shortcode-clutter.

Shortcode Mapping

We list down for you the descriptions of each attribute of your favorite WordPress plugins. We have hundreds of plugins & shortcodes mapped.

Try it Out!

Here are a few different designs we’ve created that shows just how much freedom you have with Page Builder Sandwich.

Get Top Notch Customer Support

We’re here to help! We provide excellent one-on-one email support.
We also give you documentation for usage tips, help on advanced features and troubleshooting.


Average hours to reply

Customer conversations


Requests resolved on first reply

PB Sandwich Premium

Page Builder Sandwich Premium

Use Pre-Designed Sections

Better Controls for Shortcode Mappings

Create Awesome Carousels

Add Newsletter Signup Forms

Use 1,700 Vector Icons

…and Many More

Get It Now

PB Sandwich Lite

Page Builder Sandwich Lite

Basic Formatting Tools

Responsive Rows & Columns

Click & Type Editing

Widgets, Sidebars and some Icons

Background Colors

See & Edit Actual Shortcode Outputs

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