How to Utilize E-mail Marketing Using Page Builder Sandwich

Yes, you can.

The more important question, though, is how and why do you need to do it?

My business is small. Can’t I just wing it?

Email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800 percent. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38, according to Salesforce.

In other words, it’s definitely something worth investing your time in.

Because while there are tons of ways to market your products and capture leads– you can still try to make use of the less-popular cold call, for example– the most sure-fire way to connect and communicate with your target audience in the 21st century is through e-mail marketing.

So if you’re running a business –any kind of business, whether small, big, online or otherwise– digital and e-mail marketing is an absolute must.

Aside from cutting on costs (e-mail is free, after all), businesses rely on it not just because it’s been proven to be successful, but also because it yields results that are both measurable and flexible; you can track your audience’s responses to your e-mails, for example, or note how many clicks and opens your e-mail marketing campaigns get.

How you can do it with Page Builder Sandwich

There are lots of available software you can use to help you market your products and content digitally, like Hubspot’s E-mail Marketing Software, or Mailchimp, which gives you a management system that helps you create, organize, and analyze your newsletters.

But did you know that using Sandwich, you can actually integrate some of the popular software mentioned via the Newsletter Element?

The Newsletter Element (and how it works)

You can find the Newsletter Element by hovering over to the Elements Inspector over to the left side of the screen, and selecting Newsletter from the bottom area.

Using the Properties Inspector, you can also choose which newsletter integration you’d like to use with the Newsletter Element. For this exmple, we’re going to use MailChimp (highlighted in blue in the dropdown below).

And, using the Input Field button, you can try to play around with the Newsletter Element’s settings as well, so you can change colors, customize success message options, and other settings, like so:

By trying your hand at the different available settings for the Newsletter Element’s options, you can end up with something like this:

Plus, with the help of our Pre-Designed Sections and other design tips, you can actually do a whole lot more.

Other useful resources for e-mail marketing beginners


While other noteworthy marketing trends still exist today, one thing’s for sure: E-mail marketing is definitely here to stay, and it’s important that you utilize it when you can. Who knows? Through e-mail marketing, your business could just get that big break it’s been looking for.

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