Markdown Now Supported, Plus A Few Cool Formatting Tools

Markdown-Now-Supported,-Plus-A-Few-Cool-Formatting-ToolsI’m happy to announce that as of version 2.4, you can now edit your content within your frontend using Markdown!

Markdown Syntax Support

What is markdown? It’s basically like shortcut keys, but instead of pressing a combination of buttons, you type them out and formatting gets applied right away. WordPress recently also just added Markdown support, and now you can also perform those within Page Builder Sandwich. You can add different headings, blockquotes, preformatted text or code, horizontal rules, bullet or numbered lists and links with Markdown.

Think of this as an alternative for using your mouse to click the formatting buttons. For example, while writing a blog post you decide that you want another heading, now you can just type in two pound signs (##) then your heading text. Once you hit enter the whole line would get converted into an <h2> tag. How cool is that?

You can find a list of all supported markdown syntaxes from our documentation page:

You can also try it out from the live demo

A Few Cool Formatting Tools and features

It’s also worth mentioning that now you have a few new tools at your disposal:

  • Button tool – Now you can create shortcode-less buttons! Previously, you were just limited to just creating anchor links, not anymore! The great thing about this is that you can directly edit the button label and colors without going through any nasty popups.
  • Code tool – Developers rejoice, now you can style inline text as code.
  • Horizontal Rule tool – Great for separating your content. There’s a markdown syntax for this also, just type in one or more dashes in a line, it’ll get converted into a horizontal rule.

Aside from those, there are also new convenience features:

  • Whenever you paste a link, it’ll automatically get converted into an anchor tag (unless if it’s an embeddable URL like a YouTube video, then the content will get embedded).
  • Dragging an image from your finder or explorer directly into the window uploads your image in the Media Manager. This is such a time saver.

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