Page Builder Sandwich Lite Is Now Available In The WordPress Plugin Repo

PBS-Lite-Is-Now-Available-In-The-WP-Plugin-RepoNow you can download the Lite version of Page Builder Sandwich from the plugin repository!

The lite version is a trimmed down version of the premium plugin, but is still totally usable. Here’s a list of features and tools available in the Lite version:

  • Live frontend editing
  • Direct, click and type editing without the hassles of popups
  • Text formatting tools: colors, bold, italic, underline, horizontal rule, alignments, etc, basically everything you can do in the backend TinyMCE editor.
  • Images and image manipulation using the WordPress Media Manager
  • Link creation using WordPress’ link creator dialog
  • Block elements: headings, blockquotes, bullet and numbered lists
  • Live shortcode rendering and editing, along with a full list of all available shortcodes
  • Layouting with nestable rows & columns
  • Row & column properties: background color, margins paddings and borders
  • Working undo/redo
  • And plenty more!

Download the Lite Version Now

If you’ve seen the plugin page and you’re wondering why the plugin isn’t brand spankin’ new, it’s because this isn’t the plugin’s first iteration. A year ago, it was a backend page builder, but I didn’t like it and after months of contemplating and brainstorming, I took a completely different direction and it’s now an awesome frontend page builder that I personally enjoy using.

Will This Work With My Theme?

Technically this should work with any and all themes. Along with our users and customers, we have successfully used Page Builder Sandwich with a lot of themes including themes from the theme repository, Genesis Themes, StudioPress Themes, Elegant Themes and themes from ThemeForest. If it doesn’t work with your theme, please let us know and will fix it.

Will This Work With My Current Content?

Page Builder Sandwich should work well with your existing content. Your content should be editable right away in the frontend!

If you’re content is filled with shortcodes nested inside shortcodes (for example if you are using column shortcodes), we advice that you first clean up and remove those column shortcodes. Page Builder Sandwich comes with pure-CSS, shortcode-less and responsive columns. It would be better if you use those instead since they’re faster and more robust.

Special introductory discount

If you want more features such as full-width rows, advanced text, image, row and column formatting, then you’ll enjoy the premium version. You’ll also get plugin updates and customer support.

For the next few days, we’re offering you a 50% introductory discount. Take advantage of this now!

If you’re unsure, give the lite version a spin on your own setup first, or check out the live demo from the top menu ?

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