Shortcode Mapper Plugin Feature: The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

shortcode-mapper-plugin-feature-the-events-calendar-by-modern-tribePlugins of the same category, but with respective features, are developed and enhanced every day. This gave birth to the variety of WordPress-powered websites – and later on, websites catering to several functions. For instance, there is a number of plugins which enables a developer and/or user to create, schedule, invite an interested person to an event.

The Events Calendar is the events calendar you’ll need

There are a lot of available events calendar in the WordPress market. So how do you choose? There are recommendation blogs, plugin face-off blogs, and of course testimonials from different users. All of these have one thing in common: they include The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe in their list.


An example of a minimal event post of The Events Calendar

What’s with The Events Calendar, anyway?

The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe is the frontline plugin in the said category. It provides professional quality of event posts. It has a pretty simple interface, with the title at the top, date and time, the price if applicable, a featured image and or map, and additional details about the event. You can view all your events by date, keyword, and location if Pro.

You can do much more with The Events Calendars Pro and its official add-ons:

The Events Calendar PRO

  • Recurring events
  • Week view
  • Photo view
  • Location search
  • Map view
  • Venue and organizer view
  • Advanced widgets
  • Additional fields

The Events Calendar ADD-ONs

  • RSVP tickets
  • Event ticket plus via WooCommerce, Shopp, WPeCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads)
  • Community Events
  • Community Tickets
  • Filter Bar
  • Facebook Events
  • iCal Importer
  • Eventbrite Tickets

Integrating it with Page Builder Sandwich makes it even cooler

screenshot-2016-10-04-17-46-04Recent posts were made to highlight the benefits of using PBS and its Shortcode Mapper. This is to make sure that you guys are taking advantage of the latest innovation that the Sandwich Team can develop plus notify the plugin developers that their creation gave birth to another awesome feature.

For the case of The Events Calendar plugin, we came up with 2 mind blowing reasons as to why the combination needs to exist:

1.      Reviewed by WordPress plugin royalties

The Modern Tribe assured their customers that the product and service they offered was of quality. Creator of Easy Digital Downloads, Pippin Williamson gave his inputs about The Events Calendar. Alongside him was Mark Jaquith, one of the leading WordPress developers, who made sure that the plugin was secure.

Page Builder Sandwich was also reviewed recently by Pippin, together with the other established and rising page builders in the market. In his in-depth critique, he concluded that indeed, PBS is one of the most powerful drag-and-drop page builders. He highlighted that only  Page Builder Sandwich was able to create a functioning Shortcode Mapper.

2.      Shortcode options: from backend to frontend editing

By default, the plugin’s shortcode options can be accessed through the backend admin panel. Then, the same process of backend plugins takes place: go to the backend editor, input the wanted changes and then save. Only when the refresh button is clicked would the edited content be seen. All-in-all, that’s 4 steps.

But that long procedure has been turned into a real time frontend editing by Page Builder Sandwich – in just 2 steps:

  1. Instead of going to the backend panel to access the shortcode options, click on the Shortcode Mapper and select on The Events Calendar. You’d be redirected to a pop-up window as seen below. Click on The Events Calendar.

    View of The Events Calendar in the Page Builder Sandwich Shortcode Mapper

  2. screenshot-2016-10-05-19-57-11

    Close look at The Events Calendar Shortcode Properties

    The Inspector on the left displays the initial properties of the shortcode. Clicking on the “Open Editor” button, the shortcode controls displayed at the backend can now be accessed on the frontend via a pop-up window.


See? The Events Calendar looks like you’re just making an event post.


There are a lot of benefits, right?

With the integration of a page builder that doesn’t lock you in and leaves shortcode mess, and the most popular events calendar, your workflow would not only smoothen but also increase in productivity. Additionally, you can look into what Modern Tribe offers: the bundle of plugins that go with The Events Calendar.

So far, The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe was the only one mapped in our Shortcode Mapper. This doesn’t mean however that the mapping stops there. Just comment what plugin of Modern Tribe that you would like to see in our Shortcode Mapper.

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