Shortcode Mapper Plugin Feature: WP Job Manager by Automattic

how-to-create-a-website-from-scratch-for-under-100A month had passed since we’ve released the newest feature of Page Builder Sandwich – the Shortcode Mapper. We’ve integrated more than 100 plugins (144 plugins to be exact) regardless of the number of shortcodes they have. It was a tedious task but we did it!

In order to let you know more about it, we’ve started featuring the plugins fully integrated with Page Builder Sandwich. First stop: WP Job Manager by Automattic.

WP Job Manager at a glance


Basically WP Job Manager serves as the plugin for you to generate money – either you have a client who needs a job board function for their website or you simply found yourself needing more people in your growing company.

What makes this plugin a very good-buy would be that your possible employees are not restricted to using their laptops. WP Job Manager has a mobile support feature that makes revenue flow. It is also easy to use with a search and filter interface. Along with it is the job and company information, which means no need to search the validity of the company. In one job search, everything is provided.

If you need jobs filled in, WP Job Manager makes accepting applications an easy thing.

Page Builder Sandwich Makes Using WP Job Manager Easier

You don’t have to squint your eyes and squeeze out info from anything to connect the page builder and the plugin. Here are 3 things why these two are compatible with each other:


Overview of how Page Builder Sandwich and WP Job Manager work together

Insert job shortcodes faster

PBS Shortcode Mapper detected 6 shortcodes used in the plugin, and we’ve integrated them all. Each shortcode has different arguments which allow you to display a job search form, or specifics of a job placement. Each shortcode’s details are available in their site’s shortcode reference. Now you won’t have to check the docs on how to tweak these shortcodes, all the shortcodes and their attributes are presented in PBS complete with descriptions.


Available shortcodes from WP Job Manager


Jobs Shortcode Attributes

It works with any theme

Using Page Builder Sandwich as your page builder editor, by default, does not destroy the theme that you’ve chosen to use. Plus to ensure total website optimization, we’ve created the PBS Shortcode Mapper. Same principle goes with the WP Job Manager! Astoundify, one of the themes developers in ThemeForest, supports the said plugin in their Listify – WordPress Directory Theme. For more themes with WP Job Manager fully integrated, look into their official list.

Manage jobs in the frontend

Lessening the effort of switching between frontend and backend plus refreshing the page to see the changes made is the thing that we are against. With PBS, you can edit the jobs you picked without checking the backend, you will also be able to edit the plugin’s settings while editing your page. Without PBS, users will have to exert more effort, and it requires too much time that could be allotted for developing other WordPress projects. This feature of WP Job Manager is the one we like the most!

Final thoughts

Being built by the same company who created, this plugin has already the advantage of being on the spotlight. But it also bears a lot of expectation, from WordPress developers to loyal WordPress enthusiasts. So far, it met everyone’s needs – as far as light-weight job-board functionality speaking. WordPress developers liked the plugin so much that they even made extensions to enhance the utility of the plugin.

More plugins would be featured in the coming weeks! If you have suggestions who and what we should write next, leave a comment below.

See you soon!

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