Version 2.2 Progress Update

Version-2-2-Progress-UpdateLast week we released version 2.1 that fixed a lot of bugs and added the WordPress link editor dialog to Page Builder Sandwich.

Now we’ve addressed the two major requested features in Page Builder Sandwich:

  1. A more streamlined, cleaner, simpler and redesigned user interface.
  2. The ability to add/edit custom CSS classes and IDs for elements, rows and columns.

The old interface looked like a mashup of multiple buttons. Technically, it is simple since there are buttons and you just click on them. But in reality, it didn’t look and feel simple and was a bit intimidating for new users (thank you to our supporters for pointing this out). So now all the different tools are grouped together into similar tools: text formatting, rows and columns, etc. And to make things un-intimidating, only the most basic buttons are shown at the start. The more “advanced” tools can be toggled into the view. This is to allow new users to quickly grasp first how everything works by just introducing them to the core layout, then if they feel comfortable they can view the rest of the tools.

I was surprised to see how many requests there were on allowing custom classes and IDs to be edited per element. Personally, when I use page builders I seldom use those tools, but that’s just me. The challenge with adding custom classes and IDs is that it should retain the philosophy of Page Builder Sandwich where things should always be as simple and intuitive as possible. So with version 2.2, when you select any element in your page, you should see a properties area in the inspector where you can add or modify your custom CSS classes and IDs. This also works for rows and columns, so you can fully change adjust them to whatever you need.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the development of Page Builder Sandwich! Stay tuned for more future updates ?

4 thoughts on “Version 2.2 Progress Update

  1. Hello, I think I might have found a bug that does not save the image size when changed. A test on a page with additional elements like text below the image resulted in the same effect. text changes saved, imagesize not saved. see this video: – i also tried to add a ticket in your support system for that, but it seems the page builder is not yet added there ( – the support link in the admin plugin panel leads there.

    1. Hey Patrick, because of the holidays I’ve just been able to get on your issue now. I’ve tried that in the upcoming version and it doesn’t happen. I’ll release this in a bit and hopefully this fixes things for you too 🙂

  2. Couldn’t find a contact form so..

    Check your typos in “buy now faq”


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