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Website Design Wordpress Plugins are often used to give the interfaces of the WordPress Websites a good look and feel, also it enhances the UX/UI of the websites.

  • Version:5.4.5
  • Requirements: WordPress 5+
  • Released: 04/11/2021

WordPress is an open source content management system used by millions of people around the world. It’s free to use and has a huge community of developers who create plugins and themes to extend its functionality. If you’re looking to build a new site or update an existing one, WordPress is probably the first thing you should consider.

But there’s a problem. Most websites built using WordPress are ugly and unprofessional. They lack design and style, making them hard to read and navigate. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a beautiful, professional website using WordPress.

Design Inspiration

Get inspired by other designers’ work and get new ideas for your next project.

If you’re looking for the best free and premium Photoshop mockup apps, then look no further than this list! We have compiled an extensive collection of free and premium Photoshop mockups so you can create professional designs without spending any money. These mockup tools are perfect for showcasing your products on social media or even just for inspiration before you start designing your own graphics.

WordPress Plugins for Visual Effects

In order for visuals to be effective, they need to be clear and concise. You’ll probably want to improve them even further. Luckily for us, WordPress has thousands upon thousands of plugins available to help improve our websites. These include image editing tools, social media integration, eCommerce capabilities, security features, etc.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 WordPress plugins that will make your life easier when it comes to improving the visual appeal of your site.

The Best Free WordPress Themes

There are many different types of WordPress themes available in the market today. Some are designed to suit specific purposes while others are meant to be more general-purpose. For example, some themes are made specifically for blogging, while others are designed for business sites or portfolio pages.

You can find hundreds of high quality free WordPress themes at WPBeginner. All these themes are completely customizable and easy to install. You don’t even need to know how to code HTML or CSS to customize them.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Choosing a web hosting provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a digital entrepreneur. This decision will determine whether or not your website will succeed online.

When choosing a web host, you’ll need to decide between shared hosting and VPS hosting. Both options offer similar benefits and drawbacks. However, if you’re looking to save money, shared hosting might be the better option.

Top WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Website Design

Used in 75 million websites (more than 28 percent of the entire Web WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source Content Management System — and for good reason. After all, it’s free, and it offers thousands of plugins, both free and paid, to enhance usability and design.

Even in its basic form, WordPress is incredibly simple to master — a good quality since most WordPress users are neither programmers nor web designers by trade.

So how can you use WordPress to enhance your visual content? Here are a few hints to help you out:

See How:

Chances are you’ve already used some sort of external software or app to edit your images. But whether you’ve already designed your visual content, you paid someone to create it for you or you’re using an image in its original form, WordPress offers a built-in image editor that’s not only convenient, but easy to master.

Plus, the WordPress image editor is incredibly effective for basic image-editing tasks, such as cropping, rotating and resizing — so there’s really no reason to exit the WordPress dashboard.

To access WordPress’ image editor, just access the dashboard’s Media Library section, where you can either upload your image or open one previously stored. After you’ve opened your image, just select the “edit image” button found in the lower left.

Once you’ve opened the image editor, you can choose to flip the image vertically or horizontally, rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise, scale it or crop it. If you don’t like your changes, the editor will also allow you to restore it to its original version.

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20 WordPress Plugins for Visual Effects

Because visual content is so important to effective web design, Moreover, you likely will want to further enhance your images. Fortunately, WordPress offers thousands of plugins with countless applications, including many that enhance images, add visual effects and allow the novice web designer to complete actions that would otherwise require additional technical knowledge.

Thousands of plugins? How, you might ask, can a novice designer know where to begin? We’ve listed 36 of our favorites below:

  • 1. Image Editor This plugin provides a quick way to edit images without leaving the WordPress dashboard. It includes a variety of tools, including filters, croppers, rotators, and more.
  • 2. Advanced Custom Fields This plugin lets you build custom fields for any post type. Also, You can then assign these fields to specific pages or posts.
  • 3. Aviary Photo Editor This plugin gives you access to a wide range of photo editing tools, including adjustments, overlays, frames, text, borders, and much more.
  • 4. Better Gallery This plugin adds a gallery builder to the WordPress media library. The gallery builder allows you to organize photos into albums, set up captions, change thumbnails, and even add descriptions.
  • 5. BumpThis A very useful tool to increase engagement on social networks. in addition of that, With this plugin installed, when visitors share your site via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Tumblr, they’ll see a bump at the top of their feed.
  • 6. ColorZilla This plugin makes color selection easier by letting you preview colors before you apply them to your page.
  • 7. Contact Form 7 This plugin helps you create contact forms, which are essential for online businesses.
  • 8. Div i Builder This plugin enables you to customize the look and feel of your WordPress theme using prebuilt layouts.
  • 9. Easy Social Share Buttons This plugin creates share buttons for all major social media platforms.
  • 10. Elementor Page Builder This plugin integrates with other WordPress themes and let you use its drag-and-drop interface to make changes to your site.
  • 11. Envira This plugin allows you to automatically generate press releases based on your blog posts.
  • 12. Fancy Captcha This plugin lets you turn off CAPTCHAs on your site.
  • 13. Font Awesome 5 This plugin adds icons from the popular font icon collection to your site.
  • 14. Gravity Forms This plugin makes it easy for you to create contact forms and subscription boxes.
  • 15. Headway This plugin makes it possible to add videos to your site.
  • 16. Jetpack This plugin makes it possible for you to install WordPress’ most popular plug-ins.
  • 17. Kinsta This plugin makes it easy to manage multiple websites from a single account.
  • 18. Lazy Loader This plugin loads only the necessary parts of your site on initial load.
  • 19. MailChimp Email Marketing This plugin lets you send emails through the
  • 20. Page Builder Sandwich: Drag and Drop live page Builder plugin for WordPress

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