Examples of Page Builder Features

Page builder sandwich is a very user-friendly WordPress Page Builder plugin. Despite its light weight framework and non-intrusive behavior. Its packed full of features and functions. Making building your WordPress pages or landing pages as easy as making a sandwich!

Here are a few samples of our awesome features. And we are adding more all the time as well!


For a rich user experience. You can easily add a Carousel to any page. Use our multi-purpose carousel slider for creating image galleries, content sliders and other slideshows on your WordPress pages.

Carousel Feature

Easy Embed

Embedding anything in to your page is easy peasy. Thanks to our paste URL and embed function. Just paste in the URL of the content you want and it will appear. Its really that easy! And it works for YouTube, Flicker, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter feeds and more!

Easily embed urls instragram and more

Nice Buttons

You can easily add and customize buttons anywhere you need them. Our nice buttons feature, allows you to easily style your buttons without the normal intimidating and complicated methods. Add nice buttons to your pages with ease!

Nice Buttons Page builder

Add Icons

Choose icons for any purpose from our huge library of icons. Insert then anywhere in your WordPress pages with just one click. Then resize, change the color & even hyperlink if needed! Vastly improving your users page experience at the same time!

Add icons with Page Builder Sandwich

Drag to Resize

Adjusting the size of your icons and images has never been so easy! Simply grab a corner and drag it to resize it to the desired height and width!

Drag and drop page builder

Newsletter Integration

Keep your customers upto date with whatever information you want to send them. Simply use our Newsletter integration to create a newsletter signup form on any page of your website. It integrates with all major newsletter services, including MailChimp etc.

Newsletter integration

Pre-Designed Sections

Save time and use our Pre-Designed page sections to add professionally designed sections to your page. We have an ever growing number of them available as well. Including everything from ready made call to actions, Team members to product displays. Best of all, once you have added them, you can edit them to match your color schemes and personal requirements.

Ready made WordPress page designs
WordPress Page Builder

Page Templates & Sections

Page Templates give you a starting point for your design. We have 10 beautiful full-page templates for you to choose from. And more being added!

Pre-designed Sections are smaller designs that you can include in your page. You’ll get 40+ pre-designed sections that range from different designs for page headings, team member lists, contact us areas and more.

Complete Page Templates

Import in one click an entire page template. Professional designed and laid out. Never has it been easier to get your WordPress website looking fantastic. Select from an every growing number of page templates for different niches. Import it and edit it! And the result is a page that not only you will love. But so will Google and your website visitors!

WordPress Page Builder

Shortcode integrations

Integrate more of your favorites’, including many tools and utilities. From mailing lists to WooCommerce products. Integrate them all in to your page designs with ease.

Beautiful Custom Elements & Styling

Unlock more element options to further customize them, such as adding entrance animations to them, placing Parallax Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds, or Ken Burns backgrounds to your rows, adding links to icons, and even tinting your Google Maps with a color.

The all-in-one options panel inspired by the world’s best user interface designs. Customize every bit of your website in a powerful new way.

Aside From Those, Here are More Premium Features

More Vector Icons

1,700+ more icons to search from and add into your designs

Stylish Google Maps

Tint your maps or use SnazzyMaps to customize them

Shortcode Mapping

600+ plugins and 600+ shortcodes are supported to make using them easier

Button Styles

Ghost buttons and more styling options for buttons


Add entrance animations to each element for a cool effect

Video Backgrounds

Use YouTube video, Vimeo videos, or upload your own video files and use them as a background


Display your content inside a touch enabled carousel slider

Tint Backgrounds

Add color to your background images to make sure your text are always easy to read

Count Up Numbers

Make your numbers animate counting up to emphasize a milestone number


Display a live countdown of days, hours, minutes and seconds until a certain date

Toggle Text

Add text that only show up when the heading is clicked, perfect for frequently asked questions

Pricing Tables

Customize pricing tables to showcase your different pricing tiers

Stylish Shadows

Place subtle yet cool shadows on your rows or images

Custom Classes & IDs

Specify custom classes and IDs to elements to target them with CSS


Display your data inside tables for a clearer layout

Icon Tooltips

Add tooltips on icons that only show up when you hover on them

And many many more features!

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