Introducing Page Builder Sandwich Version 4.0

When we started developing PBS back in early 2015, we’ve always believed in its potential to surpass its limits. For the past year since its release, our team’s been working very hard, always making sure to go the extra mile in order for PBS to do just that. In 2016, we’ve managed to release three versions of PBS, each one surpassing their predecessors with more advantageous updates after the next. Today, in 2017, we’re finally releasing Page Builder Sandwich Version 4.0 in commemoration of its very first birthday. We’ll be honest: it wasn’t easy. But compared to its humble beginnings Continue reading →

Celebrating Page Builder Sandwich’s First Birthday with a Bang!

Yep, that’s right: Page Builder Sandwich is having its very first birthday on 14 January, 2017. Along with our ongoing Holiday Sale (30% off for a limited time, no promo code needed), PBS has a couple of surprises in store for you, and the team can’t wait to share them with everyone. For the past year, we’ve grown a lot thanks to the support of awesome pals, some very helpful reviews, and our newly found friends in the PBS Slack community. We couldn’t forget about you guys– the PBS users themselves, who’ve helped us reach this milestone. And so to celebrate, Continue reading →

Version 3.0: Rethinking How a Page Builder Should Work

It’s been 10 months since we’ve unleashed Page Builder Sandwich to the public. We now have around 6,000 active installs, and that’s quite an achievement for us. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback because of it as well, both good and bad. The consensus however, is that people enjoy how easy it is to build layouts and create their content compared to the other page builders out there. A large amount of the feedback we got were feature requests, and we’ve added in a lot of those features the past few months. But as we kept doing so, we were Continue reading →

A Tour of Page Builder Sandwich Version 3

We’ve changed a lot things in Page Builder Sandwich version 3. If you’ve been using Page Builder Sandwich for quite some time, you’ll notice that the changes are quite drastic. There is a big difference between the version 1, version 2, and the current version. In the previous versions, everything was located in the inspector on the side. We’ve since gone through and split its components into different, more logical partitions. We have listed reasons for this upgrade in the previous blog post. Current users may find the changes cumbersome at first. Give it a few minutes of trials, and Continue reading →

Shortcode Mapper Plugin Feature: The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

Plugins of the same category, but with respective features, are developed and enhanced every day. This gave birth to the variety of WordPress-powered websites – and later on, websites catering to several functions. For instance, there is a number of plugins which enables a developer and/or user to create, schedule, invite an interested person to an event. The Events Calendar is the events calendar you’ll need There are a lot of available events calendar in the WordPress market. So how do you choose? There are recommendation blogs, plugin face-off blogs, and of course testimonials from different users. All of these Continue reading →

Where Things Get a Little Technical: How We Made Our Version of Shortcode Mapping Happen

On the previous article, we’ve discussed the basics of shortcode mapping and how you can get access to its sweet benefits. We’ve decided to split the article featuring the Page Builder Sandwich version of Shortcode Mapping, as the following write-up may get a little more technical. Below are more in-depth descriptions of the inner workings of our shortcode mapping feature, and how we got it to work. An Automated Process In order to decide which plugins to include in the shortcode mapper, we built an automated script that will gather the top plugins in the WordPress plugin directory based on the following Continue reading →

Adding Stylish Maps to Your Page Is an Interactive Experience

You can now place maps in your page designs using Page Builder Sandwich! It’s a weird thing to be excited about maps. You grab the Google Map URL then embed it. Or maybe grab a map plugin online and put in a shortcode. Or maybe your other page builder already has one and you can add one any time you want. But the reason why we’re excited is that we have brought adding maps to a whole new level. Here’s a preview: The Old Boring Way of Adding A Map Here’s how you add a map with your typical page Continue reading →