10 Ways Your Site Can Excel in Lead Generation & How PBS Can Help You Do It

Page Builder Sandwich helps you, well… build websites.

Keeping your audience reeled into your page (and successfully generating leads) is a different story altogether, though.

Don’t get us wrong. Lots of sites can achieve this without a worry, but that’s usually because they spend a significant amount of time and research doing just that.

In contrast, some sites admittedly have a little trouble pulling it off, and more often than not, some of them don’t know where to begin. But don’t worry – Page Builder Sandwich will try to lend you a hand with that very same thing.

Why is it Important to Generate Leads?

One crucial thing to remember is that generating leads takes more than just buying a domain and setting a website up.

Now, before we get too into it, take note that Page Builder Sandwich isn’t a marketing website.

But in any case, it’s important to know that there’s a science behind generating leads, and while we ourselves aren’t digital marketers, it’s essential to note that successful lead conversion also has to do with the proper execution of design and content. That’s where we come in.

“But how can you guys help with the marketing aspect of it all?”

Great question! A few weeks ago we began corresponding with Straight North, a blog that specializes in digital marketing and lead conversion. They’ve given us some really tips which we hope you guys find helpful in your site-building journey.

Now, remember that there could be lots of factors as to why your website isn’t generating the amount of leads you’d like. The first step is to identify what these factors are, and hopefully, this list can help you out with doing just that.

TIP #1: Create Content that Stimulates Action

According to Straight North, 84% of website conversions occur on the first visit, and only 11% convert in the second.

In other words, first impressions matter.

Much like how bad auditions don’t result in actors getting lead roles, someone’s first visit to your website could either make or break you.

That’s why it’s you and your team’s job to try and convince people to stay glued to your page.

Straight North suggests that posting copy and content (both text and images) is a great way to catch your visitors’ attention. Remember to always allot sufficient time to research on what makes good copy and good content, and never underestimate either.

Here are a couple of websites that might help you on your journey towards creating successful leads:

How PBS Can Help:

Wow your site visitors by using interactive PBS elements like the Carousel, or use Parallax Scrolling, and Video Backgrounds to catch their attention. Remember to execute their placement in a balanced way though, as to not overwhelm your audience.

TIP #2: Intuitive Navigation

In the realm of web development and site-building, intuitiveness in the user interface (or UI) is key.

This means that when your visitors or users find their way around your site by intuition (i.e. easy site-navigation and straightforward instructions), they’re more likely to stay glued on your site.

Now, if navigating around your website proves to be a frustrating experience, chances are your visitors might not stick around long enough to hear what you have to say, and what you have to offer them.

Straight North adds that getting too “clever and creative” with navigation labels is a bad idea, and suggest that you use terms like “Contact Us” for call-to-action buttons, rather than using vague labels like “Interact!” or “Dialog.” Remember that bombarding your site with too much jargon can cause frustration to your audience as well.

So as long as navigating through your website comes to the user as second nature, then you have one less thing to worry about when trying to convert leads.

How PBS Can Help:

Page Builder Sandwich’s UI is highly intuitive, and is akin to using a Word processor (like Google Docs and Microsoft Word). Check out our demo to get some inspiration on how you can apply intuitive changes to your site, too!

…have too much stuff going on.

…gets straight to the point.

TIP #3: Use Relevant, Custom Imagery

Your images and how they’re presented also matter, and they matter a lot.

While it may seem trivial to some, uploading boring stock images, stretched out/pixelzed photos, or badly-presented typography is a huge factor that dictates whether your visitors stay on your site, or move to a better, more credible-looking alternative.

How PBS Can Help:

Because it’s WordPress-run, PBS lets you post high-quality photos in your website. As long as you have the right image dimensions, you shouldn’t have a problem with posting photos.

Additional lifehack: You can also check out Pexels.com and Unsplash.com to get awesome, high-quality stock photos!

TIP #4: Persuasive Credibility Elements

Skepticism is a huge conversion killer.

That’s why more often than not, it’s always a good idea to add in elements that back up your credibility as a website (or business), like testimonials from credible sources, and logos of reputable companies or groups that you’ve worked with. So use customer testimonials, show logos of well-known customers, and include third-party mentions in your content.

How PBS Can Help:

Use PBS features to vouch for you. Display your customers’ testimonials in a Carousel, or use the Featurette element to showcase third-party mentions, or make use of the column element to effectively display logos of your well-known customers (like in the graphic above).

TIP #5: Get Personal!

Straight North says that using a lighter, casual tone makes all the difference when writing content (such as articles and bio’s) on your site. This lets your users know that you’re human too, and not just some bot trying to get a run for their money (which we hope you aren’t).

How PBS Can Help:

While this part is entirely up to you and your team, it wouldn’t hurt to use elements such as the Featurette, Gallery, and Image Box to liven up your bio’s as well. Adding in other PBS elements like Social Media Icons can help put a personal touch to your pages, too.

PBS’ Industry Template makes full use of the Image Box Elements for its About Us and Feature Sections.

TIP #6: Irresistible Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-Action (CTA) are a crucial part of generating leads.

You will FAIL to capture first-visit conversions unless you ASK. – Straight North

Just asking isn’t enough, though. According to Straight North, your calls-to-action should be executed both “skillfully and persuasively”.

The trick is to have effective Calls-to-Actions plus a good combination of smart consistent placement, offers that give off substance, time-sensitive offers (giving them offers for a set, limited time will give them a sense of urgency), and most importantly, guaranteed offers.

You want your site to trust you. “Take away all arguments for delay, and conversions will increase”, Straight North says.

How PBS Can Help:

PBS’ Call-to-Action Button – as well as other elements such as the Countdown and Page Heading element – can help ease your burden regarding this task.

Executing them correctly is up to you and your team though, so make sure to give time to research about CTA placements and other marketing tips.

Here are some resources that can help boost your CTA game:

TIP #7: User-Friendly Forms

A person submitting their information to you via a form on your website is ultimately what measures a successful lead conversion.

This is why placing user-friendly contact forms on your site is of the utmost importance. They’re the ultimate “make-or-break stage of a great conversion opportunity”, says Straight North.

A couple of PBS’ third-party plugins available for shortcode mapping

So don’t intimidate your site visitors by overwhelming them with too many question forms, or have them exhaust too much energy, like having them type long sentences instead of choosing their answers from a drop-down list.

Letting them know that you value their privacy is also a must. Be sure to place clean, good-looking forms on your site so as to boost credibility.

How PBS Can Help:

With PBS’ Shortcode Mapper feature, you can place awesome, reputable contact forms like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Contact Form 7 on your site.

TIP #8: Prominently Displayed Phone Numbers (or Contact Details)

Contact number and social media buttons displayed prominently in PBS’ Restaurant Template

A consistent, prominent display of phone numbers is a must if you’re a type of business that offers support through phone calls. Straight North adds that investing in toll-free numbers can also give you a good boost in conversion.

If you’re a tech company like us, then it’s also a good idea to display your e-mail address (or other ways your visitors can reach you) on your website.

How PBS Can Help:

PBS’ Full Page Niche-Based Templates have fields that let you feature phone numbers and other contact information more prominently, so that your visitors can reach you right away.

TIP #9: Continuous Testing

Straight North attests to the importance of site maintenance and testing: “No matter how good your website is in converting leads, it can always be better.”

This is true for any website, and not just one that’s attempting to convert leads. Making sure your site is in tip-top shape and that your customers are always pleased will help your business go a long way.

How PBS Can Help:

This one is up to you, but if you’d like a tip: the PBS Team continuously tests the site and page builder for any bugs, and always work to make sure you guys are satisfied. We don’t exactly have a feature for making sure you do regular tests on your site, so this one’s entirely up to you and your team. Do it, and do it well!

TIP #10: Mobile-Friendly Design

Almost everyone has a cellphone or tablet; but while only 23 percent of lead conversion rates come from mobile devices, it absolutely will not do to ignore any sort of potential conversions, no matter the percentage (leads are still leads, after all).

“Users converting from desktop view may have seen the site initially on a mobile device,” Straight North says. “Mobile conversions are (also) likely to grow as mobile Internet access continues to soar at the expense of desktops.”

You can preview your site on mobile view directly on desktop

How PBS Can Help:

Page Builder Sandwich is Mobile Responsive. You can view PBS-built sites on mobile, as well as check previews of your mobile site directly through desktop while editing. This way, you won’t have to keep switching to your phone in order to check if your site looks good on mobile.

Everything Matters in Site-Building

At the root of it all, it’s very, very important to understand that everything on your website – down to the smallest of details – has an impact on your audience.

The quality of your copy, images, your layout – all of it matters, and it matters a lot.

And one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to trying to generate leads is this very thing: Taking small aspects of what makes up the website (like design, text, and other content) for granted.

Hopefully your website garners the success it very well deserves; it’s been built with PBS, after all. ?

Best of luck to you and all your endeavors, and thank you, as always, for using Page Builder Sandwich!

Happy Site-Building!

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