Easily Add Email Newsletter Signup Forms

Easily-Add-Email-Newsletter-Signup-FormsAdding an email newsletter sign up form to your site is a great way to grow your website’s following and to keep your website visitors interested in your site or product. And now you can easily add and customize newsletter sign up forms directly in your designs.

preview-newsletterNew in Page Builder Sandwich is the Newsletter Element (check the short gif above). Now you can add a newsletter sign up form for your MailChimp, AWeber or MailPoet newsletter lists directly into your designs.

Normally, you’d have to install another plugin, then maybe add a shortcode somewhere, or you’ll have to go through a popup and fill out some fields, or maybe you’ll have to set up a widget for your newsletter sign up form to work. Now, all the complexities of adding newsletter signup forms are gone. Just add the Newsletter Element on your page, add your list API keys and it should work right away.

You can further customize your sign up form by simply clicking on either the email field – where you can change it’s colors, size, border and plenty more, or the button – then add icons, change your button’s size, or even make it show up only when your visitor begins typing in their email address. You can fully customize the looks to suit your design. Do you want the field to change colors when the user is typing? You can easily do that with a color picker. Need a minimalist design and the field is just a border, no problem!

One cool thing is that the newsletter element doesn’t disrupt your user’s flow within your site. Once they subscribe, the page won’t refresh and the signup form will just get replaced with a “thank you” message. This message and it’s colors are customizable as well.

As with the rest of Page Builder Sandwich, you can place your brand new newsletter signup form where ever you like, just drag it inside your rows or in another location.

Are Mailing Lists Important?

The short answer is yes. You know how if you have a Twitter account, other Twitter users can literally “follow” you and they’ll see your Tweets, a mailing list is how your visitors can follow your site through email.

Don’t Have a Mailing List Yet?

If you don’t have a mailing list yet, now is a good time to get started. Getting a newsletter service like MailChimp or AWeber is good since they do the heavy lifting of managing your subscribers and blasting an email to your subscribers easily. They also have newsletter builders that will let you create a newsletter campaign easily. The good thing is they have free plans, so you won’t need to shell out cash in order to try it out.

If you’re more of a I-like-to-handle-it-myself guy or gal, then you might consider using MailPoet. It’s downloadable free from wordpress.org and they have a paid model as well. With MailPoet, you’ll be able to see your subscribers within your dashboard and you can also send out emails from there. It’s easy to use as well and just takes literally less than 5 minutes to fully set up in your site (Yes, I’ve tried).

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