In a few short months, we’ll be relaunching as Frontly Builder.

We’re crazy excited to show you guys what we’ve been up to, but as of now, we want to let you know that Frontly is under development, and we’re trying to make it as awesome as we can for everyone.

From Page Builder Sandwich to Frontly Builder

Before the idea of Sandwich, we noticed a little unnerving pattern with page builders everywhere: a lot of them were difficult to use.

For example: some of these builders would have you go through numerous pop-ups and other settings if you want to add an image, a row, a button (or three, or five- it gets complicated the more you add).

And if you wanted to change a column’s settings, clicking on the edit button takes you to yet another pop-up that requires you to input settings like size and margins through dropdown options that aren’t very flexible.

It was frustrating because we knew that a page builder user experience didn’t need to be that way.

It should be the opposite.

Page builders should exist to make things easier for users, not the other way around.

Other wordpress page builders
Other WordPress Page Builders

This is how we came up with Page Builder Sandwich.

We wanted to introduce a builder that was going to maximize users’ experience when creating webpages, and allow them to create awesome things the fast and easy way.

We received lots of great feedback that allowed Sandwich to evolve.

And the more our audience grew, the more suggestions we got on how we could further improve the plugin.

We were in a state of constant development, and we loved it. We still do.

Page Builder Sandwich has true front-end power, and so will Frontly Builder.

Redefining what it means to run on TRUE Frontend

Sandwich’s evolution was constant.

Apart from the feedback (both negative- things we could work on; and positive ones – which we knew we had to retain), Sandwich’s capacity to grow increased, too. We kept finding more and more ideas and solutions to further improve PBS.

But the more wants and needs from PBS arose, the more our code’s main foundation got tweaked.

Imagine an actual sandwich with all of your favorite toppings.

Sure, it’d taste awesome, but how is it going to fit inside your mouth? How is it going to serve its main purpose- to be eaten?

This is kind of what happened with PBS. We realized that so much more can be done with it, but with an even more efficient, stronger foundation.

We can take it even further.

As we mentioned, Page Builder Sandwich is in a constant state of evolution.

Frontly is the next step to that evolution.

You’ll still get an awesome support team, theme and plugin compatibility, and more.

This isn’t goodbye for Page Builder Sandwich.

It’s a hello to Frontly.

So what makes Frontly different from Page Builder Sandwich?

We’ve been working really hard to maximize Frontly’s development. The goal now is to make it an insanely better version of PBS  — to embody what it means to operate on true front-end.

Right now, we’re focusing on further improving the user experience. We’ve worked on giving it a smoother look, a more user-friendly experience, and features that’ll let you build professional-looking websites in even less effort and less time.

Questions on Frontly?

We have a short FAQ post you can check out. Add a comment below so we can add your questions to our list!

It’s coming real soon.

While we’re crazy excited to show you guys what we’ve come up with we wanna make sure everything is just right for you. So leave us your email to get first dibs on updates, tips and trick, and BIG PROMOS ON THE RELEASE DATE!

We are relaunching as Frontly Builder.

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