How to Add & Embed Videos, Images, Tweets & Other Content in Your Site

How-to-Add-and-Embed-Videos-Images-Tweets-and-Other-Content-in-Your-SiteThere may be times where you want to add supporting videos from YouTube or Vimeo into your site. Or maybe you want to add Tweets from Twitter, or content from other websites like Flickr and Instagram. You can embed these content easily in your WordPress site.

To do this, all you need to do is find the permalink for the content. In some sites like YouTube, the permalink is simply the current URL. For other sites like Reddit or Vimeo, you’ll have to find the “permalink”, “share” or “embed” button to get the URL. In some sites like Facebook, you’ll have to click the date of the status or post in order to get the permalink.

Permalinks have many shapes and forms, but usually they just look like this below. This one comes from YouTube:​

You can paste these URLs in the content editor to embed the content. If it’s embeddable, you’ll see that the URL would get converted into the actual video or content. If it doesn’t, then that means that you cannot insert content from that site.

What Sites Can I embed in my site?

Not all sites can be embedded into your WordPress site. The WordPress Codex has a list of sites which you can embed:

Installing Plugins Can Add More Embeddable Sites

If the content you want to embed isn’t in the list in the WordPress Codex, there is another way. Installing plugins can add more embeddable sites. For example, installing Jetpack allows you to embed wall posts from Facebook.

There are plenty more out there that add more sites, do a search for “oEmbed provider” in the plugin repository to find more. Here’s a link to the plugin repo for your convenience:

Another Way to Add Content – Iframe Embed Codes

If pasting just the URL doesn’t work, there is yet another way to embed content. Try and check the sharing options of the site you want to include, aside from the permalink, you may also be given a small piece of “embed code”. Embed codes look like this:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

Copy that then in your WordPress content editor, click on the text tab on the top of the editor and paste that in. After you’ve pasted that in, head back to the visual tab, you’ll see if it works when the embed code now looks like the actual content that will get embedded. You can’t do this in the visual tab, pasting it from there would just show the pasted code in your site, it won’t get converted into the content.

Use Page Builder Sandwich to Add Content from Other Sites from the Frontend

While adding content from other sites seem easy, doing things in the administration side of WordPress is a bit of a hassle. You have to know whether to add it in the visual tab or text tab, and you’ll have to preview your page or post in order to see how it would look like when viewed by your site’s visitors.

Page Builder Sandwich makes things easier by allowing you to edit your actual site all from the frontend. When you use Page Builder Sandwich, you write and edit your site’s content easily. Embedding content from other sites is also much easier.

With Page Builder Sandwich, just paste in either the permalink or the iframe embed code anywhere in the front of your site and it will be converted to the embedded content right away, no more need to know which tab you’ll need to paste stuff in.

Get Page Builder Sandwich now.

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